A Statement from the Dallas Tavern Guild regarding the recent flyer hoax

by / Thursday, 17 November 2016 / Published in Latest posts

Please read a statement from the Dallas Tavern Guild regarding the hate flyer found on a car at BJ’s. There has been much discussion about what was real and what was not. The DPD and investigative sources have reached the conclusion that this was most likely a hoax.


The Dallas Voice today pushed an “update” saying the hate flyer found at BJ’s is probably a hoax and published the meme created out of the flyer “Take Back Oaklawn” found on an alt-left page. We of the Dallas Tavern Guild feel that every threat is taken seriously and remaining vigilant is a must, but the community mus resist divisive rhetoric from either side meant to be inflammatory in nature. While we have battles ahead that we must organize and fight, we cannot give way to stirred up emotion or fear from propaganda. Great strides in safety have been made in Oak Lawn and great success has been had reducing and eliminating violent crime with the help of DPD and everyone in the community. We have a good relationship with the Dallas Voice, so that of course should be maintained, but we represent the LGBT community first, and stoking their fear, isn’t right. We should do everything in our power to help unity everyone during this emotional time.

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