For Organizations inquiring to be considered as a 2020 Dallas Pride Beneficiary

All applications must be submitted by March 20, 2020. No applications will be accepted after that date. Organizations that have been selected will be contacted on or after April 3, 2020.


Each Year, Dallas Pride invites local LGBTQ community-based organizations with documented non-profit [501(c)] status to apply to become beneficiaries. These organizations must utilize the majority of its funds for direct programs, services, or activities that provide significant support to the North Texas LGBTQ community. Dallas Pride then selects up to six organizations to receive proceeds from that year's Pride weekend. In 2019, Dallas Pride gave back a combined total of $45,000 to three local LGBTQ organizations. Simply meeting criteria for eligibility, however, does not guarantee that an organization will be selected.

Applicant Review

The Dallas Pride Board of Directors rates each applicant and funds awarded on:

  • Financial soundness
  • Organizational health and stability
  • Service to the North Texas LGBT community, including the quality and impact of its programs, services, and activities.
  • Ability to meet the requirements of Dallas Pride participation and, for past beneficiaries, how well they had previously met expectations.

Administrative Requirements

For those organizations selected, funds will be granted via Dallas Pride under the oversight of the Executive Director.

To ensure selected organizations provide continuous service to the North Texas LGBT community and remain eligible for funding each must appoint a liaison that will work directly with Dallas Pride as well as meet the following requirements during Dallas Pride events:

  • Volunteers must be signed up under the organization on Volunteer Local in their appropriate time slots.
  • A shift supervisor present for each shift to assist in the check in/out and assignment of the volunteer.
  • Each volunteer must work at-least one (1) four-hour (4 hr.) shift. Incomplete shifts or failure to complete assignment(s) during specified shift will not be given credit.
  • Volunteer must check in/out in designated area.
  • After the completion of designated shift, shift supervisor must sign roster for accuracy. A roster will become invalid if not signed.
  • Organization will not receive credit if the following criteria are not met:
    • Volunteer did not check in/out at designated time/designated area
    • Volunteer did not complete assigned task for shift
    • Provide adequate volunteers for the event


Applications will be online through March 20th, 2020. No applications will be accepted after this date. Organizations that have been selected will be contacted on or after April 3rd, 2020. Funding awards will be made after the Dallas Pride 2020 weekend of events.

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Have any Questions?

Contact Truett Calvert:

How to Apply

Complete the form below. Make sure all questions are answered.

You will receive a confirmation email with all your submitted information included in the email. (Check your spam folder, it may be in there)

Reply to that email, and attach the following forms to your email reply:

  1. Cover letter from Executive Director committing to providing number of volunteers selected
  2. A copy of your organizations most recent tax return
  3. A copy of your organizations non-profit 501(c) status

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