2018 Beneficiary Request for Proposal


Each year, Dallas Tavern Guild announces a call for beneficiary applications encouraging eligible organizations to apply.  Up to six local beneficiaries may be selected to receive proceeds.  Simply meeting criteria for eligibility, however, does not guarantee that an organization will be selected.  Applicants are evaluated through a structured selection process.


Eligibility is limited to community based organizations with documented non-profit [501(c)] status utilizing the majority of its funds for direct programs, services, or activities that provide significant support to the North Texas LGBT community.

Applicant Review

The Dallas Tavern Guild Board of Directors rates each applicant on financial soundness and organizational health and stability as well as service to the North Texas LGBT community, including the quality and impact of its programs, services, and activities.  In addition, the board considers the applicant’s ability to meet the requirements of Dallas Tavern Guild participation and, for past beneficiaries, how well they had previously met expectations.

Administrative Requirements

For those organizations selected, funds will be granted via the Dallas Tavern Guild under the oversight of the Executive Director.

To ensure selected organizations provide continuous service to the North Texas LGBT community and remain eligible for funding each must appoint a liaison that will interface directly with the Dallas Tavern Guild as well as meet the following requirements during Dallas Pride events:

  1. Provide a verified list of volunteers for each shift requested.
  2. An on-site supervisor will be present and remain for each shift to check-in/out volunteers.
  3. Each volunteer works a full four hour shift. Incomplete shifts are not accepted.  Volunteer must place their own signature on the official roster during both check-in and check-out for the shift to be accepted.
  4. The official roster must be reviewed for accuracy and signed as approved by the on-site supervisor for a particular shift. A roster becomes invalid if it not signed upon conclusion of the shift.


Applications will be accepted thru June 30, 2018. No applications will be accepted after that date.  Funding awards will be made after Dallas Pride Weekend.  Applications may be mailed or hand delivered.  No faxed applications will be accepted.  The organization’s Board Chairman, CEO or Executive Director must sign the application.

Submit one original, signed application to:

Dallas Tavern Guild
ATTN: RFP Review
P.O. Box 192608
Dallas, TX  75219

For more information, contact us using the form below.

Application contents:

  • Cover sheet on your organizational letterhead that includes all relevant contact information for your organization, including but not limited to, the name of the contact person and their phone number and other contact information, and a brief, concise summary of your organization.
  • Proposal (no more than five (5) one-sided, single spaced pages) that includes the following:
    • Your organization’s qualifications, including your organization’s background, primary mission, and history.
    • Your organization’s current community service programs and activities.
  • Appendices (include the following as attachments):
    • IRS tax-exempt status determination letter.
    • Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws.
    • List of Staff, Officers and Board of Directors and Key Staff Biographies.
    • List of other current funding sources and uses. Current Annual Report (if available).

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