Averi Burk




PERFORMANCE: 6:15pm-7:00pm - Hall of State Stage

When she released her debut album Paradise in 2020, Dallas-Fort Worth-native Averi Burk was on a journey to healing, embodied in songs that juxtapose darkness and light with tones that are heavy, intimate and uplifting. She went through “Hell” to find “Light,” and while the process of healing isn’t linear, she’s managed to thrive with her family, both natural and chosen, by her side. Authenticity breathes through each of her songs, written and sung over electronic pop and rock-driven beats. Always incorporating live instrumentation in her music, Averi is well-versed in guitar, drums, and piano. One thing that sets Averi apart is her live performance. Her shows rock you to your core while being raw, powerful, engaging and immersive. Every concert offers fans an opportunity to experience intense energetic performances that are equal parts exciting and inspiring. On her EP I Feel Weird Sometimes, she is open about her mental health, prioritizing her joy and her loved ones. On “But Jesus Loves Me,” she is unashamed and unabashed about her queerness, while knowing she is still loved by God. Songs like “Alien” and “I Feel Weird Sometimes” feel like an empowering therapy session, especially at her live shows, as she opens up about her anxiety and depression. On “Baby Girl” and “333,” she finds love, within others and within herself, all while remembering who she’s meant to be.