Black Girl Magic Brunch Cast

Barbie Davenport Dupree (Host)



PERFORMANCE: 5:00pm-5:45pm - Centennial Stage

Black Girl Magic Brunch Cast started in 2021 by Chanel Lamaster who had booked all of us together for a show. That one show was amazing. So, I asked the ladies if they would want to do a rotating brunch show at Booty’s street food in Deep Ellum. Everyone was on board and excited about it. Since then, we have sold out every black girl magic brunch show. every lady on the show is of African American decent. The cast members consist of a fashion designer, national and state pageantry title holders, recording artist and some of the finest drag entertainment in the business. With the help of Collin Ballard the owner of Booty’s, Dezi 5 our amazing DJ and the amazing bar staff. we make sure every experience of Black Girl Magic is always memorable!!!