Coalition for Aging LGBT

P.O. Box 793329
Dallas, TX 75379-3329
(972) ‪528-8190

Our Mission is to improve and protect the quality of life of older LGBT adults in North Texas through coordination and collaborations for health, housing, advocacy, financial security, and social services.

We serve the four largest counties of North Texas; Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton. It is estimated (through the assistance of the US Census data and further data analysis from The Williams Institute at UCLA), that the population of this 4- county area of lesbian and gay members age 45 and older is at 195,000 and will continue to rise in the next 10 years to right at 200,000.

​​We've been serving the aging LGBT community since 2015. Our mission is to promote personal well-being, dignity and autonomy through the delivery of high quality, affordable, and culturally competent home and community-based care from our affiliate organizations. We are working with involved LGBT and Aging Organizations (locally and nationally) to create comprehensive programs to address the unique needs of the LGBT Aging Community.

The challenges facing the aging LGBT individuals are real, and will ultimately affect the vast majority of the LGBT community. We are taking immediate action to create programs and make cultural changes to ensure the quality of life and dignity. The improvements we make will benefit the 6 generations currently living in the United States. Explore our site...learn more about the issues and the leadership team working to improve the lives of the LGBT Community in North Texas.