Dezi 5


PERFORMANCE: 2:15pm-3:00pm - Festival Stage


Over the years, Dezi 5 has built a reputation as one of Dallas’ top performers. His unique shows draw in listeners no matter their preferred genre. He navigates his audience through booty-shaking dance music to more classic, soulful fare, and you are sure to work up a sweat when you see him live. Dallas’ eclectic soul artist Dezi 5 drops his newest single “PICK UP YOUR PHONE,” which is also the title of his upcoming full length album. Written and produced by Dezi and Trey Gaddis, recorded at The Kitchen Studios in East Dallas. This classic soul R&B track was inspired by the sound of songs like Bob Marley's “No Woman No Cry.” Also, inspired by current events of people not answering their phones when it’s so easy to communicate nowadays. Dezi encourages his listeners to simply “PICK UP YOUR PHONE,’ text back that you’re busy, SAY SOMETHING. Let the person know that you are acknowledging their call or message.