The Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund
3824 Cedar Springs Rd.
STE 230
Dallas TX, 75219

GDMAF Mission Statement - To enhance the lives of people with HIV and AIDS in North Texas Area by providing financial assistance for critical needs when other resources are exhausted through all other local AIDS organizations. We also support in the education and fight against HIV and AIDS.

GDMAF has a wide client base consisting of persons with HIV and AIDS in North Texas. The organization serves those in need regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Previous clients in 2020 included young adults, families, those with disabilities in addition to those with HIV and AIDS , adult men , women and the elderly. The primary clients served have an emergency need for financial assistance. GDMAF considers emergency needs as those who may have a negative impact on a person’s health if assistance is not rendered. Examples of emergency assistance include paying a security deposit for an apartment to provide shelter, paying rent to avoid eviction, replacing appliance as a refrigerator to keep medications cold and viable, repairing a car to keep client going to work or the doctor, and paying insurance co-pays for medications. The emergency funds are paid directly to billing entities. This allows the organization to verify a need has been satisfied.

GDMAF Client Stories:

60year old client helped with $215.00 - Client seeking assistance with paying a lab bill to continue access to care before insurance runs out. The client lost his job March of 2020 and was offered unemployment. The client has used the unemployment to pay monthly bills. March of 2021 the client informed by his employer that he is no longer going to be furloughed but instead will be terminated. The client is a high need medical client which requires frequent testing. The client is seeking assistance with paying down current lab bills to continue accessing care and have more necessary labs run before insurance runs out.

GDMAF is supporting a Client is currently homeless. Client is having an open-heart surgery on 2/9/21 and will be released from the hospital on the 15th. Client needs assistance for paying for a hotel to stay for 2 weeks after the surgery. We are working with AIN to see if he can get into a Nursing home instead and will pay the 633.00 approved to go to support that. If needed, Doris and David Hearn want to recommend that we make a second payment of 633.00 if needed by the client to stay at the extended stay for a month or to cover up to 1266.00 towards a Nursing home for 1 month. Unfortunately, the client did not make it through surgery.