Good Shepherd Rescue of Texas

Good Shepherd Rescue of Texas

Founded in 1999. We are a volunteer group operating in the Dallas / Fort Worth area rescuing and rehoming German Shepherds.

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** PLEASE NOTE: Pets listed below were available for Adoption at time of listing. Some animals may have been adopted.

(Special Needs)

SPECIAL NEEDS Sydney has completed ophthalmology, neurology consults including an MRI along with other tests. The results are that sweet Sydney suffered a traumatic skull / brain injury as a young puppy. Sydney is affectionate, plays well with other large dogs, loves to run, is too mouthy for young children & NO CATS. She has some visual, cognitive & sensory processing impairments. Sydney is ready for that special home.

Sydney is a happy, enthusiastic, friendly girl. She is small for a shepherd and probably full grown. She loves to eat and play, especially in the morning. Sydney sleeps all night in her crate and loves to go on walks. Her brain injury doesn’t slow her down much, but her forever family should be aware that she is a bit mouthy for her age. She responds well to a firm “no” when she plays too rough or gets into something she shouldn’t (like the pantry). She knows her name and comes when called. She does well with a regular potty break schedule- her general cue is pacing, especially near the door, but she doesn’t vocalize or wait long. She loves to play tug, chase larger balls, and chew on soft toys or bones. Sydney doesn’t see well, so sometimes she gets lost or loses a toy. She hears very well and makes up for her vision impairment nearly flawlessly in a familiar environment. She does not have an aggressive nature, but she doesn’t understand that the cat is not another soft toy to chew. She would do well with an older dog who would be patient with her, but she would be overwhelmed with a puppy. She is very food motivated but she has not/cannot learn basic obedience like sit. She is very excited in new environments or when food is around- she will run excitedly in circles when she is very stimulated.

Sydney wants a loving home where she can be with calm, kind, gentle people who understand that she may need a little extra patience, time, or direction.

Adoption Fee: 300.00 Email with your completed Adoption Application:

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Atlas is a sweet, handsome 2 yo boy. He is friendly towards dogs and people (we don't know about cats). He is young and energetic, and would love to go to an active household. Though he could use some work on his manners, he'll make up for it with kisses and snuggles.

Adoption Fee: 350.00

Email with your completed Adoption Application:

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Drako is a M born 06.2019. Do you need a TV buddy? He gets along well with other dogs, eager to please, affectionate, still has puppy behaviors & some separation anxiety. Loves people, including children. Has been learning manners very quickly in foster. Drako would do best in a home with a canine companion. NO CATS. No idea about small dogs.

Adoption Fee: 350.00

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Myrtle is a sweet girl born 09.2019. She was VERY happy after getting out of the shelter. Myrtle quickly integrated with the pack at her foster home. Definitely needs to put on some weight.

Adoption Fee: 350.00 Email with your completed Adoption


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Redd is a 3 yo M with STRIKING eyes. He is confident, affectionate & gets along with other dogs in his foster home. We do not know how Redd is with small dogs or cats.

Adoption Fee: 350.00 Email with your completed Adoption


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Kilo (Mega-E pup)

Kilo is an adorable M pup born 09.2019 and is ready for adoption. He has had amazing results taking Sildenafil & is down to 2 meals a day. Silly boy still prefers his trash can to the Bailey Chair! Good Shepherd will provide an adult Bailey Chair. Kilo is gaining weight & continues to be a happy, playful boy. He is taking Sildenafil (generic Viagra, queue up the jokes) which has been shown to have success with Mega-E. Thanks to Dr Komkov / Pavillion Animal Hospital for researching options & treating our cute pup!

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