New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

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** PLEASE NOTE: Pets listed below were available for Adoption at time of listing. Some animals may have been adopted.


Cookie is 3 1/2 months old. She is fully vetted. Cookie loves to give nose kisses and when you hold her she will purr like a motor boat. She has a sweet and gentle personality. She was found alone as a small kitten, we think her mom was deceased and out of hunger, she started searching for food. She was rescued by a lady and her two daughters that were taking a walk. She is a very lucky kitten and she knows it. She will be a devoted family member to anyone that adopts her.


Belle is 3 years old. Belle is an adorable, loving young cat. She is a lap cat, but also loves to play outside in the catio so she can watch the birds. Now Belle is ready for her adoptive family. She is fully vetted and is micro-chipped too. Her adoption fee is $75


Arya is 3 years old. Sweet adorable Arya a young adult cat. She is so quiet but playful. She got her name from a character from Game of Thrones. She is Arya underfoot, she is always right there under your feet wanting to know what is going on and how she can be a part of it. Arya is ready for her new family. Her adoption fee is $75

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

(Sponsored Adoption Fee)

Prim was found several years ago as a kitten, left behind by her owners. She has been in foster care waiting for her forever family. She is a tabby cat, but has personality abode. She will be your best friend, love you, snuggle with you and be a great lap cat. She loves to go out into the catio and watch the birds and other cats play. She is fully vetted and her adoption fee has been paid for by a generous donation.

New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

(Bonded Pair with Parker)

Clyde is a very sweet boy he just melts into your chest when you hold him. Clyde is shy so he initially attempts to get away, but he has NEVER hissed at or scratched his foster mom. He is starting to come out of his shell and he gets along really well with all of the other foster kittens. He is very curious and loves to investigate. Clyde needs a family that is going to give him all of the time that he needs to adapt to his new environment and build trust with his new family. (Clyde is a bonded pair with his brother Parker)

(Bonded Pair with Clyde)

Parker is a very outgoing cat. He loves to be held, but he always loves to run and play with his brother Clyde and the other kittens in his foster home. He hasn’t been around very many children, so it will take a little bit of time for him to adjust to them. However, we believe that he will do just fine with children. He is a great lap cat and loves to look out the window from his cat tree. He would make a wonderful companion. (Parker is a bonded pair with Clyde)