Thriving United / Thrive Plus

501 N. Loraine St.
Midland, TX 79701
(432) 556-0636

Non-Profit Recovery Center. Where we help heal and rebuild lives.

Thrive plus is one of the only HIV & AIDS support groups in West Texas that provides grief work, education, solutions, and counseling to those living with a positive diagnosis. We also provide education and other resources to those friends and family dually affected by the disease.

One of our primary purposes is providing educational resources for schools and community organizations and lessening the stigma associated with the disease. We focus on relating information pertinent to sexual health in a generalized way, and HIV & AIDS specifically to the community.

We act as a liaison for several other HIV & AIDS support throughout Texas. Currently, our organization is focused on establishing partnerships in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and expanding our vision into other communities that lack support for the community.

The goal is to connect the hurting with the solutions that have alluded them. We meet each client wherever they are on their journey and walk the pathway to recovery with them with dignity and pride.

Our group plan to serve the purpose of sharing experiences, encouraging disclosure, reducing stigma and discrimination, improving self-esteem, enhancing patients' coping skills and psychosocial functioning and supporting medication adherence and improved retention in HIV care.