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Profiles In Pride - Robyn "Pocahontas" CroweRobyn "Pocahontas" Crowe

From CW33 Dallas - (aired 06/30/20)

Have you scrolled through your Netflix lately and come across the series Pose? It highlights a group of women trying to navigate New York City in the 80s and 90s…with the added layer of being trans black women.

Robyn “Pocahontas” Crowe is all too familiar with that struggle. Black trans women are the most marginalized in the country and even the most marginalized within the LGBTQ community. “Black trans women done been traumatized. We’ve been kicked out of the gayborhood, we’ve been kicked out of the gay community…we’ve been kicked out of everywhere.”

Pocahontas has known from the early age of four that she was different than all the other boys. Knowing she was a woman trapped in a man’s body opened her up to a lot of bullying growing up.

“I hid who I felt I was on the inside away from the world.”

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Profiles in Pride - Jose JimenezJose Jimenez

From CW33 Dallas - (aired 06/23/20)

Jose Jimenez didn’t have the best environment growing up. He lived in a crackhouse, his mom left him as a baby with her parents (Jose’s grandparents), and on top of all that…he’s gay.

His grandmother was his hero. She loved Jose unconditionally and raised him – she passed away from a stroke when he was only ten years old. Jose’s grandfather was too elderly to take care of a young child so Jose’s paternal grandparents adopted him. Struggling with the loss of his grandmother, Jose fell into a depression…all the while struggling with his sexuality.

“In the Hispanic culture, you can be gay but we don’t talk about it.” Jose suppressed that side of him because he was afraid of the unknown. Until one day in college – he decided to come out to his family.

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Profiles in Pride - Jen HatmakerJen Hatmaker

From CW33 Dallas - (aired 06/16/20)

Author Jen Hatmaker spent about a decade in good favor with what she calls the traditional evangelical church, even referring to herself as a poster person for it.

That good favor status changed in 2016 when Hatmaker broke from her base and came out in support of same-sex marriage.

She just didn’t lose a following (which she did). Her book publisher pulled her best seller 7: an experimental mutiny against excess, as well as her bible studies from store shelves.

In a column for the Dallas Morning News, Hatmaker laid out what made her create such a drastic schism. She said “Some of my beliefs were challenged because they too often failed to care for LGBTQ people and instead led to traumatic conversion therapy, forced celibacy, public humiliation and ultimately, for too many people, suicide. Some of my beliefs were challenged because they weren’t producing many disciples, mostly just gatekeepers and defectors.”

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Profiles in Pride - Louise Young and Viv ArmstrongLouise Young and Viv Armstrong

From CW33 Dallas - (aired 06/09/20)

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you haven’t met Louise Young and Viv Armstrong, who met each other while going to school in Colorado in 1971.

They’ve now been together for almost 50 years and in that time they’ve not only loved each other, but also those who don’t feel loved. Both Louise and Viv have helped lead a movement for equality for the LGBTQ and everyone throughout their lives.

“Some folks consider us the grandmothers of the Dallas movement” says Louise.

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