Dallas Pride Steering Committee

There are lots of questions and inquiries about who is running Dallas Pride each year and so I would like to clarify that for everyone. The physical work, the growth and development of both the parade and festival are the direct results of the folks you see on this page. The members of the Steering Committee work 10 months of the year planning, revising and modifying the operations of Dallas Pride to resolve problematic concerns, create a bigger, better and more inclusive event for all our community and its allies. Countless hours of research, communications and many meetings all come together for one weekend each year to offer the what we hope to be the best event that we can put together. Those plans, ideas and recommendations are presented to the Dallas Pride Executive Director to make sure we are being financially responsible and keeping within the mission of the organization. These men and women, LGBT, and from all walks of life are a dedicated team of volunteers who’s only goal is to produce a quality Pride weekend that everyone can enjoy and participate in. None of this would be possible without them and I am proud and grateful for each and every one of them and what they contribute.

Jaron Turnbow
Executive Director, Dallas Tavern Guild